Greetings from Austin


Since being named the “Fastest growing city in America” there is no doubt that along with this title Austin has brought world class musicians and electronic music producers from all corners of the globe. 

March 2019, we seek to take Austin on a whole new experience. We are bringing together and highlighting some of Austin, Houston’s & Dallas’ most talented musicians and artists for AMW. Austin Music Week will be a 1-week (2 weekends) event aimed at organizing a showcase lineup for the electronic dance music community. 

We are featuring an all-electronic music lineup and supporting local showcases throughout Austin.

Join the movement.

Electronic artists have taken a back seat when it comes to media coverage with all the “noise” from other predominant genres of music in TX. International artists come to Austin this time of year and often go unnoticed too many. We aim to change the notion that electronic music is the second-choice in the capital city. 

Are you new to Austin, or visiting and would like to be featured in one of the upcoming events/ showcases? It’s not too late to sign up. We are looking to feature Artists and labels from around the world. Please email us at for more information. See you in March!


Disclaimer: Some of the following events are unofficial SXSW showcases, subject to RSVP and unless indicated have not been produced by us (the large majority produced by talented Austin-based organizers). Our calendar will be updated over the coming weeks, so feel free to bookmark it and check back for new events!